Welcome to the portal!

What is it?

To improve the security of life and property on KNUST campus, the management has installed Access Control devices at a number of facilities and gates.

Who should continue?

This portal is to allow persons who are not staff of the University to apply for the possibility of obtaining a Card to access particular gates.

Companies and Institutions located on campus with personnel over five (5) should provide the required information as per this attachment to idcards@knust.edu.gh. In addition, attach digitized copies of relevant documents establishing this relationship.

What to do?

If you have not signed up already, you will need to do so with a verifiable email address. You will be sent an email from which to verify. From then on, you should be able to login to fill a form to place the request or to update your information.

What is required?

Besides the basic biographic data, you will be required to provide the following:

  • Postal Address
  • Residential Address (Physical)
  • Residential Address (Digital). You would need to use the GhanaPostGPS App to generate this.
  • Occupation and Work place
  • An image of the Bio data portion of an Identification document or card. Passport, Driver's License, NHIS Card, National ID, or Voter's Card

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